Company Approach

GreenTechUpgrade Consulting offers expertise in outsourced and direct sales and marketing of green, clean tech and renewable energy product and services. The GTU model is sustained by its Ecopreneur Independent Agent Development System, which combines recruitment, sales and product knowledge training executed in conjunction with the products and services providers. GTU’s Ecopreneur Independent Agent Development System is designed to support three clients:

For Service Providers, GTU is an outsourced sales and marketing agency. Our network of trained sales and marketing agents effectively sell and distribute health products, clean technology, renewable energy and other environmentally friendly products and services to residential and commercial consumers.

For Consumers, GTU educates consumers on cost-effective ways to upgrade to green technology and other environmentally friendly products and services.

For Job seekers and budding Ecopreneurs, GTU offers a low-risk, low-cost business opportunity to operate a commission-based, affiliate-driven business at home, using tools that are easily accessible online or from mobile communication devices.

GTU uses a systematic and standardized approach to training sales and marketing agents. Our training ensures that your products and services are represented in the marketplace with professionalism and integrity.

Why this approach

The green economy has reached a ‘tipping point’, driven by fears of global warming and rising energy costs. GTU bridges the gap between the green business sector and consumers seeking to go green by providing the sector with a much-needed distribution platform and front-line sales network. Our unique sales and marketing model will provide significant value to: “environmentally friendly” companies seeking to increase sales; consumers wanting go green; and to individuals seeking jobs and career opportunities.