About the Founder

Social Entrepreneur, Duval Osiris James honed his sales and marketing skills as a broker and then a high level corporate sales agent in the NYNEX (now Verizon) Sales Agency Program. His ten years of success in the finance and telecom fields led James to create Customer Addvocate LLC, a sales and marketing agency that served as a liaison between customers and providers of products and services in the communication industry. In 2008, Mr. James launched UrbanGoGreen (UGG), a triple bottom line, B2B and B2C social marketing and product Brokerage Company headquartered in New York, New York. Osiris quickly recognized the potential to leverage his sales agency, consultant and marketing experience to help bridge the gap between the green business sector and the consumer market. With the launch of GreenTechUpgrade Sales and Marketing Agency, Osiris applies his fifteen years of experience to help create jobs and independent business ownership opportunities for the entrepreneurial and tech generation. Mr. James also inspires the entrepreneurial generation through his speaking and coaching to embrace the opportunities of the new green economy.