GreenTechUpgrade Sales Agency Program

GreenTechUpgrade Sales Agency program serve as the direct sales and marketing outsource sale agency for our business customers, providing a network of trained sales and marketing agents and sub agents that can effectively sell and market clean and green technology products and services.

Clean Technology
Consumers are looking to upgrade to green : Americans’ appetite for environmentally friendly technologies and consumer products is grossly under-served, with a potential $104 billion in sales, according to the 2007 National Technology Readiness Survey (NTRS).

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Independent Eco-preneur Business & Green Jobs Training System

GreenTechUpgrade, offers a low-risk, low-cost Independent Eco-preneur Business and green jobs training system with a Compensation Plan, for individuals to operate a commission based affiliate driven business at home online or from their mobile communication devices

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Create Green Job & Entrepreneurial Opportunities!
Drive Sales. Increase Market Shares. Go Green is What We Do!

GreenTechUpgrade (GTU) is a sales and marketing consulting agency that is strategically positioned to be the number one sales distribution network and product brokerage firm for clean energy, technology, and other environmentally friendly products and services in the commercial and residential market. The company serves as a liaison between consumers and service providers, providing the green business sector with a much-needed distribution platform and a front-line sales and marketing force. GreenTechUpgrade applies ten years of proven sales strategies to help green product and service providers increase sales and capture market share.